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and a unsurpassed guarantee in the industry we provide.


Masonry Contractors Montclair NJ


Masonry Contractors Montclair NJ



in and around Essex County, NJ

At Schlaefer Masonry we follow in the footsteps of many in the Masonry trade, adhering to strict measurements that have been in existence for many years, as evidenced by some of the oldest homes and structures existing in and around the Essex County NJ area. It is therefore wrong to talk of success in the masonry trade without giving credit to a masonry/cement contractors who is at the center of their trade.  Simply put, a masonry/cement contractors is a tradesman with vast experience in a number of building and construction techniques. We build and maintain structures using a variety of materials such as bluestone, brick, concrete and stucco.

The need for a masonry/cement contractors

One will usually engage a masonry contractors whenever expert construction work is required and professionalism need to be highly upheld. The task at hand might be as simple as repairing an old walkway, but the manner in which it is to be done is what defines the need for a masonry/cement contractors. This is usually dictated by the scope of work, the time allocated on the project, the quality and the overall costs among other factors.

Choosing the best masonry/cement contractors

Choosing a masonry/cement contractors can be a daunting task especially if one is not experienced in this trade. Many people make the mistake of going with a masonry/cement contractor who places the lowest bid, and end up compromising on the project deliverables.

If you are a first timer, invest in Schlaefer Masonry  to get the best qualified Masonry/Cement contractors for your job.

Masonry Contractor
Masonry Contractor

We Offer the following Services:


 Masonry Contractor 11

A stylish brick stairway or walkway will really set your patio or entryway apart from other properties.

Installing a brick stairway is not one of the easier projects for a do-it-yourself, but a rewarding one if you hire the correct masonry contractor.

The key is to hire a contractor who can show you the quality of their past work. In this way, you can ensure that the stairway will be done right and last a very long time.


Masonry Contractor 2010With a reputation for superior craftsmanship and quality masonry construction and a unsurpassed guarantee in the industry we provide.

Raised Masonry Patios

Concrete Patios, Walks & Driveways

All Brick and Stone Work

Interlocking Pavers



Masonry Contractor 2002We offer Backhoe Services
We have our own case backhoe, so if your project
requires a backhoe choose a company that has the
equipment to do the job right.

Masonry Contractor 2021



Structural repair

Masonry repair

Wall ties

Lintel repair

Remedial Masonry repairs

Contact us to correct your Structural problems, before it gets to be a costly mistake because you did not contacting us sooner.

Masonry Contractor 2030We offer Antique Brick Repairs

We have literally tons of antique bricks to match

your existing structure so it will look like it did originally.

Masonry Contractor, Masonry Contractors, Schlaefer Masonry Contractor 328 Orange Road Montclair NJ, 07042 973-744-1881

Other Services we offer:

Bluestone and Slate Repairs

Foundations – Block Foundations


Retaining Walls

Concrete Floors

Backhoe Service

Belgium Block Work

Structural Repairs


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Absolutely, they will be supplied upon request.
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